Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6 six mile walks in 
WORLD-N.C. HIV Services-Church of the Valley- AZ APA-Harm Reduction Center-HIV Alliance

6 cities over
East Bay-Carlsbad-Woodland Hills-Phoenix-Grants Pass-Portland

6 weeks
October 9-October 12-October 16-October 24-October 30-November 6


Celebrate my 60th birthday by raising funds for the organizations listed below.  Ask your friends and family to participate at any or all of these walks.  Donate to walk with me, make a donation to join the after walk celebration or donate if you can't make it.

Raising funds for: WORLD (women’s HIV group)

October 12-Carlsbad-Tuesday, 4:00pm  

October 16-Woodland Hills-Saturday, 10:00am
Raising funds for:  Church of the Valley HIV/AIDS Support Group

October 24-Phoenix-Sunday, 11:00am
 Raising funds for: AZ Academy of the Performing Arts

October 30-Grants Pass-Saturday, 10:00am
 Raising funds for:  Harm Reduction Center

November 6-Portland-Saturday, 10:00
Raising funds for: HIV Alliance

*More information on each event will be posted very soon

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